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Marcos Lutyens – his artistic practice targets the psychic and emotional well-being of his audiences. His works take form in installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, short films, writings, and performances. In his explorations of consciousness, Lutyens collaborated with celebrated neuroscientists V. Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic, as much as studying under shamans from different cultures. From these investigations and research, he has worked with visitors’ unconscious states in museums, galleries, and biennales around the world. Lutyens was invited by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY to be keynote artist with the opening performance at Culture Summit 2019. Lutyens has exhibited in many museums and leading art exhibitions around the world, including the Royal Academy of Arts, Centre Pompidou, National Art Museum of China, Documenta, and the Biennials of Venice, Istanbul, Liverpool, São Paulo. Lutyens started working on COVID memorialization in August 2020 with the Rose River Memorial, which has been shown in many states around the US, and he is now using the same theme of flowers in memorialization towards Living Memories, World COVID Tribute with the World Health Organization.



The self and the world


Tyler Calkin-Low – Tech Lead –  is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. He received his MFA in art and integrated media from the California Institute of the Arts and his work has been exhibited and performed in art and educational institutions around the world, including Cercle Blanc Gallery in Berlin, studio1.1 in London, THE ROOM in Venice, Tsinghua University in Beijing, KUArt in Nepal, Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, Harvestworks in New York City, Centre for the Living Arts in Mobile, AL, University of Southern California, Leonardo ISAST, and Supernova.



The rose of healing


Bakul Patki is a freelance curator, creative producer and cultural consultant specialising in fine art, photography, design and architecture.

She works independently and for organisations to devise, develop and deliver projects with individual artists, studios, institutions, festivals, and charities, as well as brands who have an interest in working with and supporting creativity.

She is passionate about bringing art into the public realm – extending its reach and amplifying its impact by removing physical, political and perceived barriers.

Over her career she has curated and produced exhibitions, installations, performances and panels, at a number of prestigious locations, including Royal Hampton Court Palace, Somerset House, Piccadilly Circus all in the UK, the Photo Museum of Ireland in Dublin, The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest; and Documenta 15 in Kassel (collateral). Recent projects for brands include the curation and production of a series of talks, events and exhibitions for Artnet at Art Basel Miami Beach (2022), Frieze London (2022) and Frieze LA (2023).

Most recently, she has curated Season Three of The Gallery, a public art project co-founded by Artichoke Trust and artist Martin Firrell, that brings art out from behind walls by placing it on advertising sites.

The Gallery Season 3, entitled ‘No But Where Are You Really From?’, sees the work of 11 artists from four continents exhibited on thousands of billboards, bus stops and digital screen across the UK (Sept 4th – Oct 2nd 2023).


Global Scrub Choir – connects with hearts and minds and transcends traditional silos of healthcare delivery. It is a shining example of the transformative power of music within the healthcare community and is also making connections beyond health with key partnerships for better healthcare for us all. Global Scrub Choir grew out of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Scrub Choir, founded in early 2020 by Dr Emma O’Brien OAM, Head of RMH music therapy, in response to the rising stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Scrub Choir is dedicated to ‘Caring for the carer so we can care for you’. We apply principles of equity to all our projects. We facilitate and create music projects for healthcare worker’s well-being. All people who make up our healthcare systems can participate in our projects – including but not limited to nurses, doctors, admin staff, cleaners, clinical assistants, allied health, executives, researchers, and scientists. Over 2023 we have been partnering with The World Health Organization (WHO) on Global Scrub Choir projects singing with colleagues from Brazil, Japan, Norway, South Sudan, the UK, and Zambia. We recently presented and performed at the opening of the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva. We will be joined by NY-based healthcare workers during the United Nations General Assembly period.



A procession


Rightfully Sewn – Rightfully Sewn is an independent community-minded enterprise based in Kansas, USA, established in 2015, upskilling people in the art of professional sewing and design. They are proud to empower and employ a diverse group of people providing stable work, liveable wages, and a full benefit package. There are 5 languages spoken in their organization and a greater number of countries are represented. 60% of the individuals have refugee status and a greater number are immigrants. They embrace diversity and work within an equitable welcoming framework.



The world, sewn and worn

Special thanks to:

Ximena Valero and Mercedes Gertz for work on the Living Memories Garment
Manish Uprety without whom this project would not exist!
Pardip Grewal of the India Association
Stuart Perkins
Aurelien Simon: AR advisor since September 2020
Silvana Tidoni and Gustavo Troilo: web design