Additional support

Special thanks to:

Ximena Valero and Mercedes Gertz for work on the Living Memories Garment
Manish Uprety without whom this project would not exist!
Stuart Perkins
Aurelien Simon: AR advisor since September 2020
Silvana Tidoni and Gustavo Troilo: web design
Covid-19 Wall of Memories: Ruth and Mohammed Nasrullah
Global Citizen: Nikola Ivezaj
Lincoln Center: Shanta Thake, Eun Lee, Mengtong Guan
Nursing Times: Gemma Mitchell
Walk with a Doc: David Sabgir
WHO: Chris Bailey, Paul Garwood, Margaret Kahuthia, Valentina Nicolette, Angelica Scraggins, Roy Wadia, Tom Watkins and others.
And all those who submitted the names and photos of loved ones lost to Covid from around the world.

Partners and support: Worl Health Organization, Global Scrub choir y Rightfully sewn.